Jaleo Plus More DC Rants and Raves


So despite my recent grumbling I actually do like a number of restaurants in DC.  In particular Jose Andres’ tapas restaurant Jaleo. The attached pictures are from a recent brunch which included a refreshing sherry and citrus soda cocktail (who knew?), some of the best rice I’ve ever had (notice the fried egg on top) and some smoky meaty lamb chops.



Another good experience recently has been Mr. Henry’s Victorian Pub.  The servers were nice (and while a number of things on other tables didn’t look awesome) the patty melt on rye was superb. I mean really great.  Perfectly cooked and beefy meat on toasty rye bread with a side of home made chips … bliss. I’m almost scared to go back in case it isn’t as good next time.

And finally, Ezme in Dupont Circle. Turkish tapas in a trendy area seem like they might go awry.  They didn’t.  We mainly stuck with red meat which seems to be the way to go since all the kabobs and the gyro meat were tender and flavorful.  Good service and the charming atmosphere didn’t hurt either. We finished with some baklava which was not too sweet and super flaky. The menu advertised Kanafeh which we hadn’t had since Istanbul. However, much to the consternation of the Bob they were out.  That’s ok, we’re sure to go back. 

But it can’t all be good. Belga Cafe (mentioned in the Capitol Hill post) was a serious disappointment on a recent visit. The food was still pretty good  (though my poached eggs were woefully undercooked) but the service was atrocious. Terrible. Awful. I get that this is a busy and popular spot.  However,  I expect not to have to wait outside in the cold for 30 minutes when I have a reservation. I expect that when the chef himself jostles my chair to carry another chair over my head while I’m eating he won’t knock my bag off said chair. I expect that if he does he might bother to pick it up.  I expect that if I don’t notice the manager won’t then come by a few minutes later,step on it, and then tell me it’s in his way. I expect that once I wait that long, I won’t feel rushed out the door.  I know summer is coming and it’s only going to get busier so these guys don’t really care but I think I’m going to be staying away from Belga for a bit.



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