Suckling Pig at St. John


St. John (of bone marrow fame) does a whole roasted suckling pig. And if you can charm (con) 14-16 guests into joining you glorious eating will ensue. The skin is crispy and salty and the meat is succulent and tender. The cheeks are the best part! Oh and you start with a platter of bone marrow so heavily laden it takes 2 waitresses to carry it.

I’m not sure there’s anything left to say here that the picture doesn’t convey.

Momofuku Ko Even Makes Turning 30 A-Ok!



They don’t let you take pictures.  It means I don’t have a huge write-up or photos.  But I do think the ban adds to ambiance and overall enjoyment.  And the menu is always changing anyway so all you really need to know is that it’s awesome. And that if you go you should really hope you get the rice cake cooked in pork fat with white truffle …