Lardo is taken from the layer of hard fat along the pig’s back and cured with herbs and spices:  You might not think that would be too appetizing.  You’re wrong. The best examples I’ve had in the US are are Momofuku Ssäm Bar where it’s whipped and served with bread (basically pig butter) ( and at Auberge du Soleil (  where it’s served more traditionally as part of an antipasti plate.


Most recently Bob and I had it in Florence at í Mangiarino  where it was served on toast with olive oil and tomatoes.  Wouldn’t have thought to put oil on cured fat but it was an excellent idea.


When prepared correctly and sliced thinly Lardo is a delicate and wonderful salumi.  When not so well done it’s just chewy fat (see the version at 2Amys where they make the best pizza in DC but haven’t managed to get the pig fat quite right).  If you see some anywhere give it a try.  Chances are you won’t be disappointed.

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