Bob and I were in Italy for Ekin and Tolga’s amazing wedding and we stopped over in London for a couple days on the way back.  While there, we had a good deal of eating to do.  Most of it involved meat (a post on St. John will follow in the next couple of days).  But we aren’t totally single minded – we also had to get some samphire.  What is samphire you ask?  It’s delicious I say.  It’s a sea plant that tastes like a vegetal green potato chip.  If you want more technical info see here:

Because it doesn’t turn up too often on American menus I’d never tried samphire until I ate it at Ottolenghi in London in a wonderful salad with grilled asparagus and pine nuts (as an aside sometimes you see samphire called sea beans or sea asparagus on menus).  Every time I’m back there I search the favorite haunts to see if anyone has it on the menu.  Usually St. John doesn’t disappoint.  But this time no luck.  So we headed to Hawksmoor (which also serves the best steaks in London and was a favorite when I lived there: Some pictures of our meal including the crab and samphire salad, the whiskey with huge ice ball and the sylabub are attached (as well as some pictures of fresh samphire at the fish stall at Borough Market).


Oh wait! Whats’ syllabub you ask? It’s whipped cream with wine.  Enough said.  If not see:

That’s it for now, but the next post will probably involve something about lardo in Italy …



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