Salt Crusted Fish

In addition to simply chronicling my gluttony, one of the purposes of this page is to provide cooking tips.  Sadly, these days I don’t get as much kitchen time as I would like but when I stumble across something that’s good AND easy AND tasty well … it makes me happy.  Even if dinner time ended up being 11:30pm.

Roasting fish in a salt crust seals in moisture and flavor and couldn’t be any easier.  Mix kosher salt with a little bit of water (until it feels like damp sand).  Spread it over a cooking sheet. Drop a cleaned whole fish on top.  Stuff the cavity with lemon, orange and fennel slices and cover with more salt. Bake at 400 for 25 minutes (for a 1.5 lb fish) and that’s it. Healthy and impressive looking.


I like to top it off with an easy tomato salad. Just chopped tomatoes, olives, capers, shallots (chop these very finely) and garlic chives tossed with olive oil and sherry vinegar.


If you mess up your potatoes, you can do what I did. Crush and then fry them with garlic in duck fat. It was tasty enough to make me forget what I had originally planned to prepare!


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