Green Eggs and Lamb

As has been the case lately this week has run away from me a bit. I had defrosted these lamb sausages but handed made the dinner I planned with them. Enter brunch. I present roasted lamb sausages (super flavorful with a lovely crunch outside but still tender meat), English muffins cooked with butter and the lamb fat. And scrambled duck eggs with scallions, a ramp persilade, asparagus and spinach. Not so bad at all. Major shout outs to Harvey’s for carrying these and Meat crafters for making them locally!


This is nothing real to speak of just an amalgamation of what’s in the fridge. But I’ve been eating out way too much. This made for a nice home meal even though almost none of the work was mine. But eating at home with friends was a good feeling (even if it was like 10 pm). I’m lucky enough to be able to buy fresh homemade noodles. And this amazing Lao sauce. I tossed that with leftover pork belly, yu choi, and honey walnut shrimp (don’t knock it it’s great for stir-fry and fried rice because the mayo caramelizes). Some crunchy bits left over from a weekend crab, scallions, and dinner is served.

Steak and Eggs

I was going to make some kind of steak and eggs for breakfast. The lovely boyfriend was tuckered and asleep. Then I went down a rabbit hole of securities law research. So it was a (very) late lunch. potatoes and asparagus with argan oil, pickled ramps, pomogranate seeds, jammy duck eggs and and the butter from cooking the steak. It got her done. Even if it wasn’t the original plan.

If You Can’t Make Your Mind Up …

Some weeks are both delightful and hard. This was one of them. I cooked far less than normal and ended up eating out more than expected. Buuuut one of my favorite restaurants is next door to another favorite. So I picked up some sauces when I went to eat at the other. Sometimes cheating just wins. Breakfast (let’s face it late lunch) today. Beef with this lovely sauce, all sorts of mushrooms, garlic chives, and brown rice and grains. Oh and some duck eggs. Because breakfast. I don’t think anybody was broken hearted. Oh and all the banchan. It’s not cohesive or any real dish but it was very nice. So perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

What do Ducks Eat with Their Soup?

Quackers! Yesterday we sort of visited the Levant. The initial plan was to make a duck noodle soup of some kind, duck breasts, and summer rolls with duck. All-day, day-off cooking. Nothing really authentic but a means of using up lots of duck and a duck carcass. Work interfered. I had to come up with something faster plus my broth hadn’t cooled enough to skim the fat.

Enter plan B. Sous vide breast with toum, sumac, zatar, smoked pimenton and fresh oregano. Served atop saffron Carolina Gold Rice with peas. Roasted cauliflower with tahini. Broccolini finished in duck fat. And a salad with Lebanese pickled turnips and a yogurt dressing.

It came out nicely but now I have even more leftover duck. Oops.

How Now Brown Cow? I Mean Badly Frozen Cow.

I’m fairly certain all of this is wrong on some level because it’s fully made up. It’s basically another hipster bowl thing. But it was darned delicious. I realized I had some slightly freezer burned american wagyu that I got a great deal on from H-Mart. Bad freezer organization, plus small freezer, plus my current mission to use everything in the freezer lead to this happy surprise. Also a reminder I need to vacuum pack things before freezing!

I defrosted it earlier this week to put in Ramyun. I didn’t. I realized today I had to use it. But Ramyun wasn’t welcome to the dinner guest. However the usual salt and pepper method didn’t seem great for such badly treated meat. I dipped it in a mix of soy sauce, mirin, and oloroso sherry. Quickly seared it and put it aside. Then I cooked brown shemiji mushrooms in the fat with a little butter. Cut the meat into bite sized pieces. Tossed it together. Served with fresh grated wasabi and random pickles from the fridge. So rich. But the wasabi and pickles ended up being perfect pairings. If I complain about a stomach ache tell me I’m a bad glutton and I deserve it.

Also Olive the dog. After she had her share (one tiny bite this is not dog food) she kept begging for my rice with meat juice.

Come Hither my Precious

Soondubu at Lighthouse Tofu in Annandale, Va. this is a Korean stew made with very soft tofu and various meats or vegetables. Anybody who knows me knows my obsession. Like many things, it’s best eaten at a restaurant that makes little else. Usually a raw egg is cracked in the boiling soup as well (though it’s not my preference). It’s nutritious, delicious, and reasonably priced. One of my best comfort foods.

I’ve tried to make it before but I’ve never done it totally properly with my own broth (kombu, Korean chili flakes, fried anchovies) etc. The fact that I have to drive 30 min to get it inspired me to get to H Mart and buy the ingredients and try again this week! This is my go to blog for Korean cooking: