Fall, Even although it’s 90 Degrees

It’s still blazing hot in DC but for some reason fall cooking is calling. I’m also trying to clean out the freezer a bit. I present chickpeas with lamb merguez, onions, garlic, San marzano tomatoes, Calabrian chili, feta and kalamata olives. Served with whole grains dressed in a nutty Argan oil, and roasted garlic scapes, broccoli, and squash blossoms with pimenton and pickled ramps.

Well I Haven’t Been Fleeced

This is basically the last of the lamb leftovers. Super easy but so tasty and a perfect summer lunch. Hummus with lamb, smoked pimenton, Argan oil, ramps, and pine nuts. A salad of all of the vegetables and manchego cheese with a blood orange Argan oil and pickled ramp vinaigrette.

I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a sandwich today

This is the lamb that keeps on giving. Last night was lamb sandwiches and roasted vegetables. The vegetables were simply roasted and topped with leftover jalapeño labneh. The lamb was in warm ciabatta, coated in kewpie and toum with tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, kalamata olives, fancy manchego cheese, and pickled ramps. So far it’s been food for 9 meals and there’s enough left for another meal for three I think. I’m kind of liking this make a roast and use it for days plan. It’s made cooking dinner really easy and getting take out less appealing.


I’m in a kind of mean Italian food group. But sometimes they really deliver. This Mutti brand pasatta is better than any other brand of canned or jarred tomatoes I’ve used. Both sweeter and less acidic. I’m also loving this brand of pasta I found at my local market. Dinner last night was green beans with Calabrian chilies, confit garlic, and zucchini blossoms. Followed by a pasta made with just leftover roast lamb roughly ground in the food processor and cooked with onions and the Mutti. Simple and delicious.

Eid Mubarak!

I’d been feeling sick all weekend and had basically forgotten to plan for Eid. But this last minute dinner came together well and mainly with things I already had in the house save the meat. I slow roasted the lamb after slathering it in toum and sprinkling it with zatar. I roasted the cauliflower with fenugreek and pimenton. I also roasted some radishes and small potatoes and tossed them with peas in a creamy dressing with pickled ramps and Calabrian chilies. I tossed some brown rice in the rice cooker and finished it with a pat of butter, some orange zest, and dill. I even made a blueberry cake (there are too many blueberries in this house)! All I had to buy was the meat, dill, an orange, and clotted cream for the cake :).

Under the Sea

I haven’t posted much. I cook often and much of the time it’s using leftovers, think fried rice made from leftover meat and vegetables. Doesn’t seem worth a post. But sometimes the leftovers turn into one of the best dishes you’ve made. May I present pasta with uni, cream and ikura. Jazzed up by the tiniest bit of young garlic, Calabrian chili, and shiso.

Fowl Play

Simple but delightful. Plus very egg-onmical as there will be lunch for days. Chicken roasted with schmaltz, thyme, Castelvetrano olives, garlic, and pimenton. Roasted vegetables with a ramp persilade that I made a few weeks ago. And mixed grains with peas and some of the schmaltz, the roasted olives, garlic, and goat cheese. I guess when you’re in the mood to blog you start catching up!

A Once in a Seventeen Year Opportuinity

Well we’ve been told that insects are the protein of the future. And there seem to be a ton of them in the area at the moment. I have eaten insects before but I was intimidated by cicadas. But it was done. We had plans to go to Hong Kong Palace for lunch and the also delightful Padeak (sister restaurant to the acclaimed Thip Khao) which is next door had three preparations on the menu. Our delightful friend Nathan brought them for all of us to try. These preparations were tasty. I mean are they going to be my favorite food? No. But they were actually tasty. Also some photos of the food at Hong Kong Palace which is one of my favorite places in the DMV. If you’re in the area try both places. You won’t be disappointed.

Bunny Boiler

I got up very early yesterday and went to the farmers market across town in hopes of getting ramps. I was not let down! I also got some beautiful mushrooms and found out that there’s locally grown rice in the area!

I think everybody who knows me is aware that St. John in London is my favorite restaurant. So obviously I have the cookbook.

I purchased a rabbit a few months ago and it was still in my freezer. I didn’t do this exactly as required because I didn’t have bacon so I used guanciale and I didn’t have dry sherry so I used oloroso. I also used already peeled garlic. Nonetheless it was delicious. It doesn’t look like much because the rabbit meat literally fell off the bone coming out of the stew but it tasted great. Served with spring vegetables and pickled ramps coated ramp compound butter. Leftovers will go into a pasta with spring vegetables tomorrow.

Olive liked it too.

Deconstructed Biryani

Last night was Nowruz/Navroz which is a celebration of the beginning of spring. Normally you celebrate with family, this year it was zoom. And I didn’t want to make biryani because it’s always so much and I didn’t have a ton of people to feed. But I still wanted celebratory food, it is a new year after all. Hence saffron rice with butter and a wagyu New York steak I got for a steal. not sad about this one though maybe I should have tossed some cardamom into the rice.